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Energy Cost Control in SDG&E:
Strategies for Commercial Real Estate 

High energy tariffs, complex charges, and high office vacancy rates will continue to impact SDG&E energy bills in 2024.

How can you better protect your portfolio from these hidden—and often unpredictable—costs?

Join smart building veterans Tom Arnold, CEO of Gridium, and Brian Coon, VP of Engineering at Kilroy Realty, for a deep-dive on local energy rates and successful cost-control strategies for commercial real estate.

WATCH THE WEBINAR TO learn how to:
  • Understand the forecasted SDG&E rates for 2024 and key milestones
  • Ensure you’re on the “right” SDG&E rate for your business
  • Control–and reduce–complex utility bill charges

You'll walk away with proven, practical guidance from industry leaders on how to proactively reduce your building's energy expenses ahead of 2024.


About THE Speakers
Tom Arnold, Co-founder & CEO, Gridium

Tom has led the team at Gridium since its founding in 2011. Prior to that, he led the energy efficiency group at cleantech leader EnerNOC, and was a co-founder at TerraPass, a provider of carbon offsets and RECs. 

Brian Coon Kilroy Realty
Brian Coon, VP of Engineering, Kilroy Realty

Brian currently leads building engineering for U.S. landlord and developer Kilroy Realty. Previously, he managed building operations for facilities services leaders Able Services and ABM Industries for over 14 years.



Gridium, a market leader in energy-efficiency-as-a-service in California, has unlocked deep savings for real estate teams—including Kilroy Realty, Douglas Emmett, Lincoln Property Company, CBRE, Rubicon Point Partners, Healthpeak, Adobe, Qualcomm, and more—through its unique combination of AI-powered analytics and turnkey energy project management.