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Financing Retrofits in Capital-Constrained Times

Low-carbon real estate is in higher demand than ever before, but today’s capital-constrained market makes it tough to make the case for efficiency investments.

Fortunately if you’re in PG&E, SCE, or SDG&E territory, you have financing options—no-capital-required. 

Hear from Tom Arnold, CEO of Gridium, and Tom Enger, former Co-Head of Asset Management and sustainability leader at UBS Realty Investors, for an inside look at no-capex financing options to fund your energy efficiency projects.

Join US to learn how to:
  • What financing options and utility incentives exist and how to utilize them
  • Which type(s) of retrofit projects are eligible
  • How to show project ROI and gain project approval

Whether you have fluorescents, HVAC, or building controls to update, hear from these experts on how to future-proof your assets—all with zero capital expense.


About THE Speakers
Tom Arnold
Co-founder & CEO, Gridium

Tom has led Gridium since 2011 and currently chairs the Energy, Sustainability & Resiliency Committee at BOMA SF. Prior, he led EnerNOC's energy efficiency group, and co-founded TerraPass, a provider of carbon offsets and RECs.

Tom Enger headshot
Tom Enger
Former Co-Head, Asset Management, UBS Realty Investors
Tom has 17+ years of experience leading the implementation of sustainability efforts into investment strategies and real estate operations. He is also the founder and former chair of the UBS Global Real Estate Sustainability Workgroup.  


Gridium, a market leader in energy-efficiency-as-a-service in California, has unlocked deep savings for real estate teams—including Kilroy Realty, Douglas Emmett, Lincoln Property Company, CBRE, Rubicon Point Partners, Healthpeak, Adobe, Qualcomm, and more—through its unique combination of AI-powered analytics and turnkey energy project management.